Women's Waxing

“Sexy Beach Ready Wax”

The Most Painless Precision Wax Possible

Beach Club Salon Aestheticians make woman’s waxing as painless as possible. Waxing is never a completely painless process; however, with the proper training and years of experience our certified Aestheticians greatly reduce the pain involved in the process to mild discomfort. There are various types of wax used and our approach is to choose the wax that will best suit the individual client’s unique skin. For example, we may choose a less aggressive wax for client with sensitive skin. At Beach Club Salon each client is special and when it comes to waxing we make sure to pamper the client and make them feel comfortable. We choose right wax for each client, and compliment the waxing experience with aroma therapy, ambience such as candles and privacy.

Miami's Best Presicion Waxing


Waxing you arms not only has aesthetic benefits, it is also more hygienic will make you feel comfortable and soft. We will use a wax that doesn’t hurt much or irritate your skin.


Show off your legs with confidence and reduce the need for constant shaving. We will make your legs feel silky smooth without irritation.


The bikini wax is not only sexy it the most hygienic way to stay clean and smell delicious. Even for sensitive skin we have great waxes to reduce pain and irritation.


The buttocks wax is essential for a silky smooth butt and is the best way to maintain the highest level of hygiene possible.


The ultimate way to show off a sexy navel is to have a stomach wax. It will leave you skin soft and shiny and enhances the sexiness of your stomach.


Facial waxing is ideal for thinning your facial hair. After waxing your hair will grow back thinner because it is removed completely from the skin.


Our eye brow experts will shape your eyebrows in such a way that accentuates you facial features and brings out your eyes for maximum impact.

Women's Combo Special

If you are interested in having more than one area waxed we have a variety of combo specials available for your convenience.

Women’ Waxing Pricing
Combo 1- Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Bikini $35
Combo 2 - Lower Leg, Under Arms, Bikini $45
Combo 3 - Full Legs, Under Arms, Bikini $60
Combo 4 - Brazilian Bikini, Butt Strip, Under Arms $45
Full Legs $45
Upper Legs $30
Lower Legs $25
Bikini Line $15
Deep Bikini $18
Brazilian Bikini $23
Full Bikini $25
Buttocks $16
Butt Strip $15
Arms $20–$30
Under Arms $10
Stomach $5+
Eyebrows $15–$25
Upper Lip $7
Chin $8
Nose $10

prices reflect starting price and vary based on stylist and length of hair

Waxing Definitions:

BIKINI LINE - Removal of all hair around the panty line such that no hair is visible while where a bikini

DEEP BIKINI - Removal of all hair well passed the panty line such that no hair touches the panty line.

BRAZILIAN BIKINI - All hair around the bikini area is removed

FULL BIKINI - All hair is removed around the bikini area except a small strip in the front.