Xiomara Castaneda

I have been with Beach Club Salon for 10 years. I am the reception manager and take care of clients from the moment they book their appointment until they leave looking fabulous.

Margarita Campuzano

I have worked at Beach Club Salon for 12 years. I specialize in eye brow shaping, body waxing and hair styling. I love the satisfaction of giving my clients the look they wanted.

Carolina Maltez

I have worked with Beach Club Salon for 26 years. I specialize in haircuts, color, keratin, highlights and received my training from Robert Fiance Beauty School.

Andres Ramirez

I specialize in keratin, highlights, and color. I have worked at Beach Club Salon for 8 years. I love my profession and enjoy doing high quality work.

Jacqueline Agüero

I received my training from La Belle Beauty School and have worked at Beach Club Salon for 19 years. I specialize in manicures and pedicures and even won an award for shellac.

Lidia Toll

I’ve worked at Beach Club Salon for 5 years and other prestigious salons before that. I have won two hair competition and I’m great at finding styles that enhance my client best features.

Margarita Carillo

I have worked at Beach Club Salon for 25 years. I specialize in haircuts and styling. I love cutting hair and making my clients look and feel great.

Gloria Zapata

I received my training from Wilfred Academy and Have been with Beach Club Salon for 25 years. I’m a manicurist and have been featured in Allure Magazine twice.

Betty Fernandez

Being a stylist is the best way to express my creativity. I specialize in anything to do with hair and have won many awards. I have been with Beach Club Salon for 25 years.

Douglas Gonzales

I graduated from the Miami Institute of Beauty and Culture. I was Julio Iglesia’s stylist for many years. As an accomplished artist I translate those techniques to create the perfect look.

Rosendo Duran

I received my education from the Wilfred School in New York. Early in my career I worked with Vidal Sasson, and Peter of London. Jackie Nespral, Charytín, and Sallie Jesse Rafael are a few of my clients.

“Beach Club Salon Stylists”

Leading Stylists in Miami Florida

At Beach Club Salon all of our Stylists, Hair Dressers, Manicurists and Aestheticians are all equal. Each is a star in their own right but no star out shines the others. One of the things that makes us special is our openness with each other and willingness to share knowledge and ideas. We often collaborate as a team to ensure that our clients receive the best possible experience and quality of work. Individually any one of us has 20-30 years of experience, hence the possibilities while working as a team are limitless. We don’t compete with one another to be the best individually but support each other to achieve great things as a whole. Our collaborative, fun, and friendly environment is what makes us the leading stylists in Miami.