Men's Waxing

“Men's Wax”

The Most Painless Precision Wax Possible

Beach Club Salon Aestheticians make men’s waxing as painless as possible. Waxing is never a completely painless process; however, with the proper training and years of experience our certified Aestheticians greatly reduce the pain involved in the process to mild discomfort. There are various types of wax used and our approach is to choose the wax that will best suit the individual client’s unique skin. For example, we may choose a less aggressive wax for client with sensitive skin. At Beach Club Salon each client is special and when it comes to waxing we make sure to pamper the client and make them feel comfortable. We choose right wax for each client, and compliment the waxing experience with aroma therapy, ambience such as candles and privacy.

Precision Waxing for Men

Back And Shoulders

Our men’s back and shoulders wax will make you feel both sexy and smooth to the touch. We’ll choose a wax that will not hurt much or irritate your skin.


The men’s chest wax is great for male hygiene and comfort. It also reduces irritation, in-grown hair and the need for constant shaving.


For the ultimate in hygiene and comfort our men’s stomach wax will not irritate you skin and will leave you feeling smooth and sexy.


It can be difficult to trim the nose and easy to injure yourself. Insure you don’t miss a single hair safely by letting our professionals take care of you.


in the ear hair can be hard to remove yourself and you can easily get hurt. We can remove the hair from your ears safely and comfortably.

Men's Wax Pricing
Chest $20+
Back And Shoulders $50
Nose $12
Ears $10+
Stomach $25+

prices reflect starting price and vary based on stylist and length of hair

Men’s Wax Definitions:

BACK AND SHOULDERS - Removes all hair from the back and extends to the top and front of the shoulders.