Color and Highlighting

"Color Correction"

The Finest Highlights and Color Work in Miami

Beach Club Salon colorists, under the guidance of Douglas Gonzalez and Rosendo Duran have been achieving the best highlights and color work in Miami for over 36 years. Silky, shiny, youthful and timeless hair has been our daily routine from the start. Proven and recognized by numerous celebrities and fashion magazines such as Julio Iglesias and Vogue, Beach Club Salon is one of the finest salons in Miami with specialty in hair color, highlighting, and color corrections. Creating highlights that sparkle and vibrant colors with depth, all of our colorists have over 20 years of experience with Beach Club Salon and have achieved wonders throughout their careers. Our clients enter with confidence and leave totally satisfied every time.

The Best Highlights and Color Work in Miami


Proper maintenance of roots should be done once a month. We will remind you when it is time to do them and match your color flawlessly every time.

Single/Double Process Color

Whatever the color, we will match it exactly every time. We will also replenish shine and silkiness in your hair, creating a youthful look and feel.

Foil Highlights

Your highlights will sparkle. Our Highlight techniques will reflect light and shine just the right amount to compliment your unique face and skin.

Color Correction is Our Specialty

One of the most difficult procedures in hair coloring is color correction. Our 30 years of experience makes the difference. We will correct the color and replenish the health of your hair.

Color and Highlights Pricing
Semi-Permanent Color or Colorance $50+
Single Process Color (Roots) $50+
Single Process Color (Whole Head) $50+
Double Process Color $80+
Whole Head Foil Highlights $150+
Partial Head Foil Highlights $100+
Color Correction - This is our specialty Consultation

prices reflect starting price and vary based on stylist and length of hair

Color and Hightlights Definitions:

SEMI-PERMANENT COLOR - Washes out in 6-12 shampoos and subtly deepens your natural color, it can only darken it.

SINGLE PROCESS COLOR - Creates a new base color, covers grays and adds shininess.

DOUBLE PROCESS COLOR - Used when the hair color will be lightened by more than two shades.

HIGHLIGHTS - Adds sparkle to the hair that can reflect onto the face and brighten the complexion of the skin.

COLOR CORRECTION - Corrects any color that is not the natural the natural color